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Club sessions held at:

Carmarthen Leisure Centre,

Llanstephan Road,


SA31 3NQ

Please have a look around and,

if you can, join us at a Club session

Thursday’s - 7pm to 10pm

(Junior coaching 7pm to 8.30pm)


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Club now on Twitter

The Club now has its own Twitter feed which, we hope, will give you better opportunity to keep up with our latest news.  You can see part of the feed on the left hand side of this page and click on the link if you want to.

Club opening times back to normal.

The Club opening hours are back to normal and shall remain 7pm to 10pm on a Thursday right through the summer holidays.

Club opening times/closure times

over the Christmas period 2017

The Club will have its final session before Christmas on Thursday 14th December 2017.  It will then be closed for the 21st and 28th December 2017.  The Club will reopen on the 4th January 2018 as normal.

New League Season Starts week

commencing 9th October 2017

Teams consist of:

A Team: David Lloyd; Mickey Marsh; Tim Evans;

             Jason Peckham

B Team: Simon Packer, Martyn Fenner; Vince Dragone;

             Darren Cross; Ben Palmer-Jones

C Team: Ryan Trigg; Curt Marsh, Alan Griffiths,

             Owain Weller

D Team: John Finnemore; Rob Clayton; Paul Tansley;

             Rob Wilkins; Stan Eastwood

E Team: Joe Rosie; Ashley Wray; Charles Wright;

             Richard Demynn

F Team: Mike Fischetti; Sam Ashman; Ian MacDonald;

             Taylor Williams.

Joe Morris Memorial Handicapped Competition - September 2017

The Joe Morris Memorial Table Tennis Competition was played on the 19th October 2017 at the Carmarthen Leisure Centre.  There were 32 players of all ages and abilities and the competition was suitably handicapped to give novice players a chance against the League Players who attended.

Ashley Wray of Division Two won the trophy 2 games to 1 versus Premier Division ace Mickey Marsh. At the Semi-Final stage Wray had earlier defeated Kurtis Marsh, while Mickey Marsh reached the final with a win over Taylor Williams,

New League Season Starts

Week Commencing 10th October 2016

Teams consist of:

A Team: Jason Peckham; David Lloyd; Tim Evans

B Team: Stan Eastwood; Mickey Marsh; Sven Severeyns; Rob Wilkins

C Team: Simon Packer, Andrew Joules; Martyn Fenner; Neil Hulme

D Team: Vince Dragone; John Finnemore; Rob Clayton; Paul Tansley

E Team: Stephen Lawrance: Ryan Trigg; Curt Marsh

F Team: Joe Rosie; Ashley Wray; Charles Wright

Video of Tudor Jones Cup Final now available

The video footage taken at the final of the Tudor Jones Cup match is now available via the Video menu item above or click here for a full list.

Carmarthen ‘F’ win the 2nd Division

30th April 2016: Carmarthen ‘F’ comprising of  Stephen Lawrence, Ryan Trigg, Curtis Marsh and James Nash have won the 2nd Division title.  They played rivals Penlan ‘H’ on Friday evening (29th), at Penlan, winning 19-16 in a close and fierce match.  They had technically won the Divisional title with their 30-0 defeat of Port Talbot ‘D’ on Tuesday 26th but this sealed their top placement.  Ryan Trigg scored 9-0 which to ensure that he will win the ‘Best Averages’ title for the 2nd Division.  Stephen scored 8-4 and James lost 0-9; but, all players played well.  Congratulations to Carmarthen ‘F’ - Look out the 1st Division next season……….

KEITH SIBLEY 1934 - 2016

23rd April 2016: It is our sad duty to report the death of Keith Sibley who passed away this morning, 23rd April 2016, following a long illness.  We also understand that he died peacefully which was the only good news in such a situation. Our sympathies go to his wife and family at this time.  Keith’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 3rd May; however, the Family have asked for a private funeral.  The Family have also thanked all those that have sent their regards and sympathy at this time.  See a memorial to Keith here:

Carmarthen ‘E’ win the CUP

19th April 2016:  The Carmarthen ‘F’ team of John Finnemore, Rob Clayton and Joe Clayton won the Tudor Jones Knockout Tournament by beating Penlan ‘F’ 12-7.  Penlan ‘F’ comprised of Tony Holt, Sammi Jabber and Colin Towel.  They have already won the First Division with 1 game to spare so they had to give Carmarthen ‘F’ an 8 point start.  Going in to the 8th game the score was Carmarthen ‘E’ 10 - 6 Penlan ‘F’.  This meant that if Penlan won both games 2-0 then they would force a draw and a doubles play-off.  The game was between Tony Holt and Joe Clayton; Tony took the first game after getting to 20-20 followed by a to-ing and fro-ing for 6 points.  However, Joe made a strong comeback in the 2nd leg to take that one and make it 1-1.  Of course; this also meant that the match had now been won and was beyond Penlan.  Tony played the third leg but his heart was not in it and Joe took that easily.  See the photographs from the match here (Swansea Table tennis Web Site), and/or, here (Carmarthen Table Tennis Web Site).

JEFF PARSONS 1956-2016

10th April 2016: It is our sad duty to report the death of Jeff Parsons, a long standing member of our Club and a long standing League player.  Full report here.  Our sympathies are extended to Janice and their children.  Jeff’s funeral was held on Friday 22nd April 2016.  The service was at the Greenfield Chapel, Llanelli followed by Jeff’s internment at the Llanelli District Cemetery, Llanelli.  It was attended by an estimated 300 people who came to pay their last respects to Jeff.

Weekending 2nd April 2016

The final games of the Premier Division have been played and resulted in the closest of any season for a long time.  Penlan A finally won with 505 points but by just 3 points to Cam Gear A.   In turn Cam Gears were just 1 point ahead of Carmarthen A in 3rd spot.  Betws A came in forth, again just 3 points behind Carmarthen A - just 7 points separating the top four teams.  Carmarthen B had their best year ever and came 5th in the Premier Division with 498 points.

Carmarthen C have managed to retain their Premier Place by coming 10th in the table with 323 points.  However, Carmarthen D are to be relegated (along with TATA Port Talbot A) as they came bottom with just 266 points.

Division 1 and 2 still have two weeks of official play but both teams also have outstanding matches that will see them play for a few weeks yet.  Carmarthen D have had two great wins placing them outside of the relegation zone with hi hopes of ending mid table.

Although officially 2nd in the 2nd Division, Carmarthen E look ‘odds on’ to win the Division.  They had a brilliant win against Penlan M who, it was thought, aught to  take the top spot.  But, in a fantastic match Carmarthen won by 27 to 8 points.  Full report in the PDF’s on this page.

Matches to be played on Wednesday

30th March 2016.

This will be the final night of matches for the Premier Division although Division 1 and Division 2 have two more weeks of official play along with any postponed matches to be played.  However, in the top of the Premier Division there is an interesting situation with the top 4 teams only 7 points apart (see table opposite).

However, top team Penlan A are due to play Tata Port Talbot A and are, quite realistically, expecting a maximum 30 point win.  That should mean Penlan A will win the Division with 508 points. 

2nd place Cam Gears A are due to play Penlan B and that could possibly cause them some points loss when compared to 3rd place Carmarthen A and 4th place Betws A.  If Cam Gears A are to stay in 2nd spot them must get maximum points (30) or a minimum of 28 points to stay in 2nd place.  

3rd place Carmarthen A play Carmarthen B and are also looking for maximum points.  If Carmarthen A get maximum points and Cam Gears A get 27 points or less then Carmarthen A could, realistically, move into 2nd place.   

4th place Betws A play bottom of the division Carmarthen D and look certain to get a guaranteed 30 points.  This puts added pressure on the two teams above to get their maximum's.

At the bottom of the Division, Carmarthen D are in 12th place  and look unlikely to take sufficient points for Betws A to move out of bottom place. As such it looks most likely that they will be relegated. 

Carmarthen C are in 10th place and now look safe.  Port Talbot A are in 11th place but are 27 points behind Carmarthen C.

Both teams have hard matches against teams in the top 4 places which we know are all chasing maximum points themselves.  As such Port Talbot A would have to gain 28 points and Carmarthen C get no points in the last matches for Port Talbot A to get in to the safe zone. 

Carmarthen C therefore look as if they will stay in the Premier Division next year.


‘E’ Team in Finals

Carmarthen ‘E’ have reached the Finals of the Tudor Jones/Team of Three Cup.  This competition is a handicapped knockout tournament run parallel to the League.  The team of John Finnemore, Rob Clayton and Joe Clayton won their Semi Final in the last game of the night when Rob Clayton won 2-1 for a team overall total of 10-9.  Carmarthen ‘E’ are currently in the 1st Division of the Swansea & District Table Tennis League and will play Penlan ‘F‘ (also in the 1st Division) in the Final on the 19th April 2016 in Carmarthen Leisure Centre (start time 7pm).

Season 2015 - 2016

The 2015/16 Season started in the first week of October 2015.  This year there are 6 teams competing in the Swansea League,  The A, B, C and D teams will all be in the Premier Division which plays exclusively in the Morriston Leisure Centre on a Wednesday evening.  The C and D Teams won promotion from Division 1 in Season 2014/15.  The E and F teams are playing their home matches at Carmarthen Leisure Centre on a Tuesday evening.  They will play alternate weeks at home and away.  The E Team will play in Division 1 having won promotion from Division 2 in Season 2014/15.  The new Team for this season is the F Team; they will start in Division 2.  Teams are:

A Team:  Jason Peckham, David Lloyd, Vince Dragone, Tim Evans

B Team:  Sven Severeyns, Mickey Marsh, Stan Eastwood

C Team:  Simon Packer, Andrew Joules, Jeff Parsons, Neil Hulme

D Team:  Paul Tansley, Darren Cross, Rob Wilkins, Martin Fenner

E Team:  John Finnemore, Rob Clayton, Joe Clayton

F Team:  Stephen Lawrance, Ryan Trigg, James Nash, Kurtis Marsh

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The 2017/18 Season started during week commencing Monday 9th October 2017. The reports contained in the attached pdf start a few weeks later once information has been sent to our publicity officer.

Link here to Swansea Table Tennis League - Results page.



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