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LEAGUE PLAYER - Any age.  In addition to nightly Club fees and Annual Membership, the following will apply if you want to play in a League Team:

Swansea and District Table Tennis League                                                                                                                                   Example Only (2017/18 Season)

- Table Tennis Association of Wales - personal membership fee

- Swansea and District Table Tennis League - personal membership fee

- Swansea and District Table Tennis League - team fee (equal portion of the current £15.00)(example for a 3 Player team)

- Room Hire fees as appropriate to your League

          -  Premier Division pay weekly at the venue £5.00 per player  (22 matches @ £5.00 = £110.00)

          -  1st and 2nd Division pay in advance for the Carmarthen Leisure Centre booking (Oct to Dec and Jan to Apr)

              (Approximately £3.50 per match per player over the Season - 22 matches @ £3.50 = £77.00)

- Share in purchase of League Balls for matches

- Share in the transport arrangements to away League matches.


- Table Tennis Association of Wales - personal membership fee (see above if not already paid)

- Welsh Licence Fee (personal)

- Team fee (per League playing in) (£50.00 per team divided by number of players - say 3)  

- Share in the transport arrangements to League venues (Cardiff and north Wales).

The Club has a policy of charging each League Player their appropriate Personal Membership and Team Fees before the start of the season, and passing on these fees (as a Club) to the appropriate bodies.

Similarly, Room Hire fees are collected prior to the season and paid to the Carmarthen Leisure Centre (home matches).

Any team may choose to pay their own fees to the appropriate bodies independent of the Club but we try to make life easier for you by doing the ‘leg work’.

Members on a ‘low wage’ may seek agreement to pay their fees on a weekly basis throughout the season.

There are a number of fees that may apply depending on what level you wish to play.

Please work down the list below to determine which best suits your needs.

JUNIOR CLUB PLAY - Any young person under the age of 18                                                                  (bats and balls can be provided):

- £2.00 per session (7pm to 8.30pm)

- £1.00 per hour thereafter

Coaching for juniors is usually between 7pm and 8:30pm.

ADULT CLUB PLAY - Any regular attendee 18 years old or over (Visitors - please see above):

- £2.00 for the first hour (or part thereof) of play

- £2.00 for the second hour (or part thereof) of play

- £1.00 for the third hour (or part thereof) of play

(Membership Fee as it applies below/next)


- All Adult Club Players - £30.00 per annum, or

- All Adult or Junior League Player - £30.00 per annum


If you wish to play in the Swansea and District Table Tennis League and/or the Table Tennis Association of Wales’ Team Championship of Wales, then please speak to the Chairman, Secretary or any Club Committee Member.

They will explain the details/differences of the two Leagues and help consider whether or not there is, at that time, space for you in a team.

The Swansea League usually plays from October to April and involves both home and away play for Divisions 1 and 2.  The Premier Division players currently play all their League matches in one centre (Morriston Leisure Centre) in Swansea.  This entails them having to travel to Swansea each week.  There may be occasions where they play their ‘home’ matches in the ‘Team of Three/Tudor Jones Club’ knockout tournament at their Club venue.

Whilst it is not impossible for a new player to walk into a team mid season, it is usually the case that they have to wait until the new season to join a team.

Occasionally, we will have too many players to place in the available teams.  Where this occurs, we try to work with other Clubs in the League to ‘loan’ our players to them to ensure that, between us all, we can get as many people playing as possible.

As indicated above, if you want to play in the Swansea League you will have to become a member of the Table Tennis Association of Wales (TTAW/TTW).  This is our National Governing Body (NGB).  To play in any League in Wales, you must hold a ‘personal’ membership with this organisation.

Added to this are your League Team and Personal Fees, and sharing in the transport and its cost to get to away matches.


The Team Championship of Wales is operated by the TTAW/TTW on an annual basis.  It usually involves a number (2 or 3 or 4) full weekend playing in the National Sports Centre in Cardiff.  This can change and some Leagues (particularly the Veterans) may play more single days on more weekends, especially if the venue is in North Wales.

This competition also requires that you purchase a separate ‘Welsh Licence’ and pay the appropriate Team and Personal Fees for that additional League.  Again, there is an expectation you will share the transport and its cost to get to matches.


Once you have a Welsh Licence, you are able to play in any League or Tournament (if eligible) in the world without having to purchase a Licence appropriate to that Country.

Competition fees and transport fees for such tournaments will also apply.

N.B. If you wish to purchase a Welsh Licence to play in another Country but do not want to play in a League within Wales, you will still have to become a Member of the TTAW/TTW and pay the appropriate fee (see above).

General comment:

Please pay your fees within the Club - not at reception

Top Top




(See comment)



:£3;00 on average




(See comment)

VISITORS CLUB PLAY - Any age                                                                                                                 (bats and balls can be provided):

- £2.50 for the first hour; £2.50 for the second hour and £1.50 for a third hour (7pm to 10pm)

Start when you like - stop when you like - stay as long as you want (within the 3 hours)


(Over season)

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